Lima Engineering use NEUTHANE® to coat Vibratory Bowls


Lima Engineering and Notedome’ s NEUTHANE 100 successfully used to coat Vibratory Bowls

The process of relining Vibratory Bowls is a key application for the team at LIMA ENGINEERING and a key material for their success is the use of NEUTHANE prepolymers from Notedome Ltd.

A view via social media using ‘Linked-in’ to Lima Engineering will reveal regular demonstrations of their moulding skills as they demould large cast vibratory bowls.

Lima Engineering Ltd. was established over 30 years ago and operates from a two-acre site in Nelson, Lancashire. They specialise in polyurethanes and rubber, with an active research and development strategy to harness the unique physical properties of polyurethane in as many innovative ways as possible.
Their knowledge and understanding of coating polyurethane chemistry, plus a pragmatic engineering background, enables practical coating solutions to difficult problems. Latimer_SwecoDM4


Amongst Notedome’ s polyurethane prepolymers used by Lima, is the Neuthane 100 range. This is a series of TDI – prepolymers that give urethane elastomers with excellent mechanical properties ranging from 70 Shore A to 75 Shore D.
The high performance prepolymers are designed to provide tough and durable parts and coatings. The Vibratory bowl coating application of polyurethane in metal finishing, demonstrates the wear and tear qualities that polyurethane delivers while it protects the metal parts from the abrasive media used in the process.

NEUTHANE 100 Series Prepolymers, are used by Lima Engineering for vibratory bowl internal coating, Simon Latimer, Production Manager at Lima says “the NEUTHANE product has an excellent pot-life and uses relatively low temperatures in the coating process” and adds “it provides Lima customers with a finished coating that has high re-bound and excellent abrasion-resistant properties, and additionally alleviates heat build-up on the final industrial product production lines.”


The NEUTHANE 100 series exhibits a high level of physical properties with exceptionally good dynamic performance, good hydrolysis resistance, low viscosity, a choice of normal or long pot life grades, and a hardness range from 70A-75D allowing the polyurethane processor to optimise both the process and mechanical performance required in application.

NEUTHANE 100 Series prepolymers are used routinely for coating wheels (fork-truck, pallet-truck, and press-on bands), high-load roller coverings for the steel and paper industries, screen decks for mining and quarrying, gaskets for oil and gas, automotive suspension-bushes, hydro-cyclones, and pipe-linings.