XP time for Nordmann

It is NEUTHANE XP time!

Notedome welcomes a European distributor to Coventry to assess NEUTHANE XP techniques


Notedome welcomes one of their European distributors, NORDMANN, to their Coventry, England, manufacturing site to share recent NEUTHANE product innovations, with an emphasis on NEUTHANE XP series.

NEUTHANE XP polyurethanes are manufactured with polyester and polyether matrices and can provide enrichments in hardness, physical and mechanical properties.

David Cross, Notedome Technical Development Engineer, and Notedome Technical Manager Marjorie Garcia, demonstrate the versatility of NEUTHANE 801 XP to NORDMANN Italian, German and Swiss delegates during their visit to the Notedome prototyping laboratory.

The Nordmann staff were able to see how the NEUTHANE 801 XP multi-component system is processed to achieve a range of hardness from Shore 60A to Shore 75D.

Several UK Notedome customers, with help from Notedome technical staff, have implemented various NEUTHANE XP  systems,  used to produce large and small mouldings that exhibit excellent quality and aesthetics.

NEUTHANE 801 XP is the latest MDI-based technology from NOTEDOME and is a major advance in quasi-MDI technology, widening the application envelope where this family of materials can replace traditional TDI and MbOCA elastomers and limiting the difficulties associated with MDI processing.

As a result, polyurethane processors using NEUTHANE XP provide excellent mechanical and dynamic moulding properties - applications with moulding sizes ranging from a small number of grammes to several hundred kilos that are both dynamic and exceptional, with a tear strength suitable for arduous conditions.