Why Polyurethanes?   


Polyurethanes and polyurethane cast elastomers were developed to replace rubber ...

Polyurethane cast elastomers are easy to process and dispense and are superior in many mould making, wheel, roller and tyre applications

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NEUTHANE polyurethane elastomers are high-performance materials with exceptional versatile properties and are available in a wide range of hardnesses and further can vary from light-weight and flexible to strong and rigid.

They are versatile, microbial and ozone resistant and excellent load bearers, and resistant to cuts and tears, oil, fuel and seawater  - and they have excellent electrical insulating properties and function well in harsh conditions, outperforming steels and rubbers and can be moulded to almost any shape.

Processing of the two- or three- polyurethane component chemicals is simple, and they require only low heating, simple mixing by hand or machine, and are fast curing and economic to use.

Properties offered by Neuthane polyurethanes are (click on headings for more information):

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