Why Polyurethanes?   


Polyurethanes and polyurethane cast elastomers were developed to replace rubber ...

Polyurethane cast elastomers are easy to process and dispense and are superior in many mould making, wheel, roller and tyre applications

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Neuthane polyurethane elastomers are high-performance materials with exceptional versatile properties and are available in a wide range of hardnesses and further can vary from light-weight and flexible to strong and rigid.

They are versatile, microbial and ozone resistant and excellent load bearers, and resistant to cuts and tears, oil, fuel and seawater  - and they have excellent electrical insulating properties and function well in harsh conditions, outperforming steels and rubbers and can be moulded to almost any shape.

Processing of the two- or three- polyurethane component chemicals is simple, and they require only low heating, simple mixing by hand or machine, and are fast curing and economic to use.

Properties offered by Neuthane polyurethanes are (click on headings for more information):

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Hardness Shore 'A' & Shore 'D'

Neuthane Polyurethane Shore 'A' & Shore 'D' Hardness index

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Cold Cast
  TDI Pre-polymersFull Pre-polymersMDI QuasiRotational
Shore    AShore   D              
30A      CON 30A        
35A   TMP / TIPA           
40A   TMP / TIPA  CON 40A        
45A   TMP / TIPA           
50A   TMP / TIPA  CON50A        
55A   TMP / TIPA       802-55NG   
60A   230 c-tone  CON60A   801-60NG 802-60NG803-60  
65A20D         801-65NG 802-65NG803-65  
70A       575/CA 575-70  801-70NG 802-70NG803-7031703270/765
75A 122     575/CA 575-75  801-75NG 802-75NG803-75 3275/765
80A30D128127232 c-tone   575/CA 575-80660760801-80NG 802-80NG803-80 3280/765
85A 132 



2132335 / 343 575/CA 575-85674/ 663/ 668765/766801-85NG 802-85NG803-8531853285/765
90A40D143142 / 153242 / 244
2143353 575/CA 575-90
675775801-90NG 802-90NG803-9031903290/765
94A43D   2155          
95A 155 / 163162254 / 255
2163363 575/CA 575-95 560/CA1695795801-95NG 802-95NG803-9531953295/765
 60D      575/CA1       
 70D      595/CA1     3100D/3170D 

c-tone = Caprolactone

Abrasion and Tear Resistance

One of the main advantages of polyurethane cast elastomer components is their excellent resistance to wear (impact abrasion and tear resistance). These properties are especially important in applications such as solid tyres, scraper blades, mining screens, pump liners and impellors etc.

Cut Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent cut resistance make them ideal for application areas such as belt scraper blades, mining screens, swarf skirts, concrete moulds, anvil rollers and fork truck wheels. Notedome offers systems that not only maximise cut resistance but also maximise tear propagation resistance which has an additional benefit of increasing abrasion resistance.

Dynamic / Mechanical Performance

The load bearing properties of polyurethanes are excellent making them ideally suited to high load application areas such as rollers in the steel industry, fork lift truck tyres press tools etc.

Oil and Chemical Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to fuel, oils, grease, and many solvents. This makes them especially suited to applications such as automotive (suspension bushes, engine mounts, hoses) steel and aluminium manufacture, coil / can coating and printing.


Neuthane prepolymers can be formulated to offer a broad range of rebound resilience from almost zero to above 80%. This allows the customer to determine the degree of energy transfer required, especially important in suspension mounts and bump stops, and in the case of wheels (e.g. roller blades) to minimise the rolling resistance.

Natural Resistance

Polyurethanes exhibit very good resistance to ozone and oxygen and general weathering. Resistance to water at ambient temperature is also very good. High temperature, wet or humid applications will degrade conventional urethane but Notedome offer a range of speciality systems which maximise the potential of polyurethanes in demanding application areas such as wringer rolls used in the steel industry.

Electrical Properties

In general, polyurethanes are non-conductive, however Neuthane systems can be supplied to meet the requirements of antistatic application areas (e.g. rollers processing plastic films) or to meet the demands of application where true conductivity is required (e.g. certain printing processes, fork truck wheels used in paint / solvent stores).

Electrical components can be encased in polyurethane to protect them from seawater and the general environment.

Flex Resistance

Some application areas impose high demands on elastomers by repeated flexing of thin sections. Polyurethanes can be formulated to offer excellent flex resistance for use in application areas such as moulds in the ceramics industry.

Temperature Range

Polyurethanes can often withstand temperatures between -80°F (-60C°) to +200°F (+90C°).

Flame Retardancy

Notedome offers flame retardant systems and additives to allow their use in application areas such coal mining.

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