Improved polyurethane chemistry for paper-making manufacturer


A challenge from the paper manufacturer to the Notedome technical staff was to increase the polyurethane strength of the stirrer allowing it to manage the intensive high-temperature mixing process.

This stirrer is used by an innovative paper manufacturer with their impellor, to grind a composite of minerals and plant-cellulose, adding natural strength and quality to the paper and cardboard, enhancing the characteristics of the finished product.

The elastomer engineering company who cast the impellor used Notedome’s Neuthane 801 to give excellent visible aesthetic value with little abrasion wear, plus fast cycle production times.

Neuthane 801ISO NG's tensile strength was an important factor in its choice.
Neuthane 801NG and the catalyst 055 were tailored by Notedome’s technicians to be used in the moulding machines for this casting, allowing the production to be at optimum levels.

Before using the new formulation quality issues were experienced, but with Neuthane 801ISO NG, they have an improved-looking casting, an increase in tensile strength and improved abrasion resistance.