Neuthane 3100DV - MDI - PTMEG Ether Rotational Casting System







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Neuthane 3100DV Series

Neuthane 3100DV - MDI - PTMEG Ether Rotational Casting System


The Neuthane 3100DV series are high performance MDI – PTMEG ether rotational casting systems designed to produce roller coverings for use in arduous application areas.

They offer:

  • a high level of physical properties
  • very good dynamic performance
  • good hydrolysis resistance
  • non MOCA curatives
  • processing without moulds
  • room temperature curing

Typical Applications

  • Steel mill rollers
  • paper mill rollers

Processing can be by hand or by dispensing machine

Hand Processing

  • Melt prepolymer at 50-70°C for 12-24 hours
  • Heat the prepolymer and curative to the recommended temperature
  • Ensure that the curative is thoroughly mixed prior to use (the storage tank on the machine should be fitted with agitation to prevent separation during use)
  • Degass to remove air
  • Adjust rotation and traverse speed until a smooth build up is achieved
  • Cure as recommended

Processing Considerations

  • Avoid prolonged storage of prepolymers at elevated temperatures. This will result in low hardness and lower properties of the cured material
  • Avoid moisture contamination of all materials
  • Part used containers should be flushed with dry nitrogen and resealed
    immediately after use
  • To prevent de-lamination, subsequent layers should be applied within 30 minutes


  • Solvents/Abrasion/Cut resistance - Ester based systems should be considered: Neuthane 3200 [MDI rotational casting]
  • Cost – Ester systems will offer cost savings: Neuthane 3200 [MDI rotational casting] PPG ether systems will also offer advantages [Neuthane 3300*]

* Non-standard products - details are available upon request

Neuthane 3100DV - MDI - PTMEG Ether Rotational Casting System

Neuthane 3100DV
Curative 3193DV
Mix Ratio: Curative per 100 Parts Resin by weight 72
Resin Temperature °C 50
Curative Temperature °C 25
Recommended Roller Temperature °C Room Temperature
Viscosity @ 50°C (N3100DV)

(Viscosity vs. Temp Graphs available on request)

cps 1125
Pot life (on a 500g mix) Seconds 10-15
Recommended Cure Temperature / Time °C / hrs Room Temperature / 48
Hardness DIN 2240-91 Shore A 93
DIN 2240-91 Shore D -
100% Modulus BS 903 Pt A2 - ISO 37 lb/in²




300% Modulus BS 903 Pt A2 - ISO 37 lb/in²




Tensile Strength BS 903 Pt A2 - ISO 37 lb/in²




Elongation at Break BS 903 Pt A2 - ISO 37 % 310
Tear Strength BS 903 Pt A3 - ISO 34-1 lb/in




Compression Set BS903 Pt A6 - ISO 815 % -
Abrasion loss DIN 53516 mm³ -
Resilience ASTM D 2632-92 % -
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 1.09

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