Notedome Technical Service and R&D

A Global Supplier
We supply worldwide -  our durable elastomers perform in a wide variety of applications in many industries.
Either on a direct basis or through our established and knowledgeable distributors/agents, we pride our ourselves on our responsive service to both commercial and technical aspects.


Technical Service and R&D

Our well-equipped laboratories support our customers in many aspects of polyurethane cast elastomer development and process development.
Continuing our customer-focused approach, we can offer assistance with:

Material identification using both internal and externally sourced analytical methods.

Physical property testing to support process control or application development.

Rapid material characterisation to assist with process troubleshooting.

Many of the technical team at Notedome have experience casting both TDI and MDI based systems in a manufacturing environment. This familiarity allied with our lab dispensing machine allows for process development of systems using customers moulds at Notedome.
By following this structured approach, we can limit the downtime sometimes associated with production trials.


Our Systems
The range of Neuthane polyurethane cast elastomers is diverse in both the chemistry of raw materials used to formulate the polymeric chains and also their suitability for different processing techniques.
By combining PPG polyether, PTMEG polyether, polyester, polycaprolactone or polycarbonate polyols with either aromatic or aliphatic isocyanates the number of combinations is huge. Combined with our customer and application-focused approach, this allows for a high degree of optimisation of both elastomer performance and processing behaviour.