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December 13 2020 Dean Bradley and 11 other Notedome staff 'Spill Response' Training First Class Safety Limited
January 19 2021 Jodie Boyer 'Fire Safety in the Workplace' First Class Safety Limited
Graham Cox 'Working At Height Awareness' First Class Safety Limited

Spill Response Training

Twelve Notedome staff enjoyed a practical and classroom training course on how to prevent and respond to possible chemical spills at the Coventry manufacturing plant and warehouse.

Staff from the production department, laboratory, warehouse, and maintenance sections all gained vital experience and knowledge which is part of the Notedome Quality Management Systems and ISO 9001 matrix.

The course was organised by the Notedome Operations department and run by an occupational safety consultancy - First-Class Safety (of Rugby).

Notedome Ltd takes their safety and regulation knowledge very seriously and have staff specially trained in safety skills, with some qualified to respond using Breathing Apparatus for safe working around chemicals and clearing critical spills.

Notedome staff are guided to understand the regulations and requirements of the business to stay safe. Training courses and knowledge banks are available to give staff information and the skills to handle any situation at our Coventry site in a safe and controlled manner.

Marc Smith, Operations Manager commented, “The recent training programmes have gained a very positive engagement from all staff."

Cardiac Arrest workshop

Gordon Alderley (CEO) highlighted “…particularly during the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, the welfare of all staff and visitors to the Coventry facility is paramount to this organisation’s philosophy and responsibility”.

Six members of the Notedome factory staff took part in a Defibrillation workshop – Defibrillation is an electric shock treatment for life-threatening cardiac arrest (cardiac dysrhythmias). Defibrillators such as the one stationed in the factory at Notedome, are often referred to as automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

AED’s automate the diagnosis and care of irregular or unrecognisable heart rhythms, permitting lay responders and/or bystanders to use this life-saving electric-shock technique successfully.
Figures published by London Ambulance Service show (in 2019) that in the UK 30,000 cardiac arrests occur annually, and the proportion of people surviving a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital is nearly 11%, when a Defibrillator (AED) was used by a bystander and at least one shock was delivered to patients, the survival rate was more than five times higher (over 57.1 %)

The workshop instructor Alison Muir of First Response Training, guided the Notedome staff workshop members through the easy to use AED, and then held a practical session on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) procedures, and explained what happens to the body both during cardiac arrest, resuscitation and in recovery.

October 2020 staff changes at NOTEDOME

Marc Smith and Marjorie Garcia have joined Notedome to add support to the Business Team managers - Shaun Robertson and Paul Fitzgerald.

Gordon Alderley (CEO) welcomes the new team, who will work with Chris Stebbings (Customer Services), Chris Averis (Technical Manager) and Victoria Finch (Finance).

Marjorie is working with Chris Averis in the technical department and has been a polyurethane specialist for nearly 20 years, formulating polyurethanes adhesives, including developing solvent-based polychloroprene adhesives, moisture cure sealant, and other sealants and adhesives.

The conference paper - ‘Quick Tensile Strength Method for Testing Silicone Sealants’ was partner-authored by Marjorie and presented at the 27th annual meeting of The Adhesion Society.

Born and educated in Venezuela, she worked as manager of Research & Development at Inversiones Simbi in Caracas, and then joined Alpha Adhesives in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcester (UK) as Technical Manager.


Marc Smith (Operations Manager) joined Notedome with many years of experience as an operations manager and specifically with over 10 years experience in the plastics and composite materials market.

Until recently Marc was the Operations Manager at Coleshill Plastics introducing expertise and adaptability, which increased quality and production, and a reduction in waste and downtime.

Marc has experience in designing and implementing new ideas and machinery, and updating procedures and raw material control.