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New casting system from Notedome

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Notedome has developed a new casting system based on polyether polyol that offers advantages such as extra-long pot life and easy processing.
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Polyurethane elastomers with a shore hardness in the >70D range are often used to make structural components that require a high elastic modulus, e.g. rollers, wheels or pump components. MDI-based systems that fall in this range are usually amine-cured and therefore have short pot lives as a result.

Attractive processing parameters

Neuthane 801 75D’s low viscosity and long 10-minute pot life allows for successful casting jobs using complex mold cavities (see chart for processing parameters and typical properties of finished polymers). In addition to having good physical characteristics, it also delivers easy workability and reversible plastic deformation at temperatures above 60°C, which in turn facilitates the demolding of cast parts. Furthermore, Neuthane 801 75D’s elastoplasticity makes it possible for cast components to be reshaped later, for example in the case of split sheets.