Elastomers for the Concrete Mould Industry TDI Prepolymers Cold Cure Systems


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TDS T357 CON Cold Cure Series V.4

The NEUCONC T357 series of TDI based prepolymers cure in combination with NEUTHANE CON curatives to give highly durable elastomers suitable for mould making. The finished elastomers offer:

• a high level of elasticity
• good tear resistance
• good abrasion resistance
• low process temperatures
• good dimensional stability


Typical Applications
Concrete Industry (e.g. moulds for decorative slabs and walls)
Model making


Processing can be carried out by hand or by dispensing machine

Avoid moisture contamination of all materials. Part used containers should be flushed with dry nitrogen and resealed immediately after use
It is vital to ensure that the curative component is completely liquid and thoroughly mixed prior to use
Due to the exothermic nature of the system larger mixes will have a shorter pot life
Allow longer demould times if curing sub ambient

Hand Processing
It is important the ambient curing conditions be at least 20°C.
Prior to casting, please ensure the polyol component is mixed thoroughly as it is a blend.
Bring all components to the recommended process temperature.
Add pigments and Antifoam (as applicable) to the polyol component whilst mixing
Add all components and thoroughly mix ensuring that no unmixed material is left on the container sides (if necessary, the mix can be transferred to a second clean container and mixed again).
If a vacuum facility is unavailable, please limit the amount of air entrapped during mixing.
Cast into moulds, preheated to the recommended temperature.
Cure as recommended.

If cured at room temperature, then physicals will develop fully over a 7 day. Alternatively, a post-cure at 60-70°C for 4-8 hours can be employed.
Depending upon system hardness and cure conditions the development of physicals may take longer. It is therefore advisable to assess tear strength before using the mouldings

Recommended Stoichiometry % 95 95
NEUTHANE T357 CON by weight 100 100
Curative by weight 80 14
Resin Temperature °C 20-25 20-25
Curative Temperature  °C 20-25 20-25
Recommended Mould Temperature  °C 20-25 20-25
Viscosity @ 25°C Resin cPs 2500 2500
Curative  cPs 750 460
Pot life (on a 500g mix) minutes 15-20 10-15
Recommended Cure Temperature / Time  °C/Days 20-25 / 7 20-25 / 7
Demould Cure Time Hours 24 24


Hardness ISO 48-4 Shore A 70 85
ISO 48-4 Shore D - -
100% Modulus ISO 37 MPa
300% Modulus ISO 37 MPa
- -
Tensile Strength ISO 37 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 37 % 600 570
Tear (Die C) ISO 34-1 kN/m
Tear Trouser ISO 34-1 kN/m 11 15.1
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 1.10 1.10