Canary Wharf polyurethane fenders

Canary Wharf with Neuthane polyurethane bumpers

A UK polyurethane moulding company is using Notedome chemistry for manufacturing the marine fenders fitted at London’s Canary Wharf.


The Thames river ferry embarks and disembarks at Canary Wharf every few minutes linking the north and south sides of the River Thames, plus a Thames River Bus moors every 10 minutes, so the requirement for good fendering at this busy maritime river-station is paramount.


Light-weight, non-rubber and non-marking, flexible, energy absorbing and easy fitting marine fenders supplied by this UK moulder are already in use on North Sea windfarms and have proved to be almost perfect for this very busy river-station at Canary Wharf.


During early development work at the Coventry laboratory, the Notedome technical team completed a program of vital ‘proof of concept’ experiments.  The initial formulation was fine-tuned to optimise all key properties, and prototypes were prepared to confirm the modified polyurethane system adhered to manufacturing processing parameters, and to the excellent design and performance of this innovative wharf fender.


The Notedome Technical team used their expertise and an industrial-scale polyurethane dispensing equipment for the fender prototyping, resulting in a formulation that was tailored ahead of significant and substantial pre-production financial investment.


Continuing support from the Notedome commercial and technical team helped establish high-quality polyurethane standards for this marine fender and safety innovator, as they expand their business with new designs and concepts.