Meet the Team



Managing Director Gordon Alderley
Market Development Manager Paul Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager Shaun Robertson
Senior Commercial Officer Gurumoorthy Nagarajan
European General Manager Victor Dias
Chief Technology Officer Chris Averis
Technical Manager Marjorie Garcia
Customer Services Chris Stebbings
Operations Manager Marc Smith


Gordon Alderley

Gordon Alderley

Managing Director

Gordon has over 30 years experience in the chemicals industry, the majority working with polyurethanes and in the specialty chemicals sector.

He has experienced a broad range of roles including managing chemical technical services and polyurethane research and development laboratories, and progressing to managing operations and commercial operations with Hyperlast Limited and Dow Chemicals Limited.

As a keen yachtsman , Gordon likes to be outdoors whenever possible and away from the confines of the laboratory - he adds "The versatility of polyurethanes are second to none and that allows for a huge range of applications and markets allowing an insight in to many different industries".

Chris Averis

Chris Averis

Chief Technology Officer

Chris has over 40 years in technical departments of the elastomer industry including with Dunlop,  Baxenden, Marconi, and Uniroyal.

Notedome’s and Chris's philosophy is straightforward: “ Clear definition of the opportunity and the requirements is needed - then we can select the right product and define the technical challenge. 
We then decide what approach to take and "what to do"- that comes with years of experience - the fun then starts in testing, validation of ideas, and implementation.”

Chris lists his hobbies as - gardening, walking and camping. 
“ We all want quiet. We all need space. Unless we have it, we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently”.

Marjorie Garcia

Marjorie Garcia

Technical Manager

Marjorie has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, the majority working with adhesives and sealants.

Marjorie has always been covering the technical side of polyurethanes with an emphasis in research and development of new products, reformulation of products to achieve customer’s requirements; quality control in raw materials and final products following standards and procedures established.

Marjorie reflects "The challenge of this position is to understand the customer needs and to be able to offer a high quality and performance product to satisfy their application".

In her spare time, Marjorie enjoys travelling to new places, playing tennis and going to the cinema.

Chris Stebbings

Chris Stebbings

Customer Services

Chris Stebbings is the office-based Customer Services Representative and has worked at Notedome for over 20 years.
A familiar name to our customers, Chris, looks after both sales and order administration.

Loves spending time with the family especially when camping and a keen reader when time allows.

Hobbies include reading (when time allows), camping – and her family.

Marc Smith

Marc Smith

Operations Manager

Marc has worked with several plastics and composite material companies for over 10 years before joining NOTEDOME -  including as Production manager at Signam, and with Coleshill Plastics, where Marc was the Production and Operations Manager.

Previous responsibilities and achievements in the plastics industry include several process improvements and efficiencies, particularly with the design and implementation of new machinery, and the reduction of downtime and the greater control of waste, whilst increasing efficiency and production.

Marc is married and has 2 children, and says  "In our family spare time, we like to have adventures exploring new places – particularly the coastline and foreshore".

Victor Dias

Victor Dias

European General Manager 

Victor is an experienced sales professional in the polyurethane engineering elastomer market and has joined Notedome Ltd of Coventry UK as their European General Manager. 

He will be leading the Notedome sales team in Europe and collaborating with their existing partners to increase the wide use of NEUTHANE prepolymers and systems across a comprehensive range of industrial sectors.

Portuguese born, Victor has spent most of his commercial life in Europe and lives in Hamburg with his family; he is fluent in German, Portuguese and English and has a basic knowledge of both Spanish and French languages.

With more than 25 years international sales and ‘business-to-business’ experience in the technical polyurethane elastomers and chemical products industry, Victor also has considerable experience in sales and distribution, including positions for many years at both COIM and Chemtura as their Regional Sales Manager, and at Lehmann & Voss as their Polyurethane Group Manager.

Victor enjoys having family time, watching football – and supporting his favourite team - Benfica Lisbon.

Gurumoorthy (‘Guru’) Nagarajan

Guru Nagarajan

Senior Commercial Manager

Guru began working at Notedome Ltd. In Coventry 2017 and acquired a thorough understanding of the UK cast polyurethane market returning to India in 2018 to replicate the UK manufacturing and sales facility, with NOTEDOME INDIA.
He led the sales development of Notedome India’s castable elastomer systems in applications that include abrasion-resistant coatings for the mining industry, specialised material-handling rollers used in steel & paper mills and moulding automotive components.

Guru and his family have moved to the UK and enjoy local cricket but remain keen followers of the Indian Premier League …

Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald

Market Development Manager

An experienced and seasoned manager in the polyurethane industry covering all aspects of B2B management from account management, through to multi-region marketing and sales support. Paul has a strong technical background in polyurethane elastomers which has provided an insight into multiple industry sectors where the polyurethane is used for a broad range of engineering applications.

Shaun Robertson

Shaun Robertson

Business Development Manager

Shaun has over 35 years experience working in the polyurethanes industry in technical sales and business development with engineering elastomer specialists such as Notedome, Hyperlast and Dow Chemicals.

Shaun adds "I have always enjoyed working with polyurethanes. The diversity of applications and markets keeps things interesting plus you get to meet people from all walks of life"

He enjoys spending time with his family and as well as being a competitive golfer and QPR fan, relaxes through reading and walking.