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About us

Founded in 1977 as R.J. Elastomer Products Limited and until 1991 the company manufactured cast elastomer components, and subsequently are unique having been a polyurethane trade moulder and now the foremost cast elastomer formulator and supplier. A fire caused some damage to the plant in August 2001 and the plant and offices were subsequently re-designed and re-structured.

In 2016, Notedome was acquired by Manali Petrochemicals of Chennai, India, and appointed a new CEO (Gordon Alderley) and recently took-on additional staff.


The company, today is known as Notedome™ Limited, concentrate on supplying high-performance polyurethane cast elastomer systems for a wide variety of applications in numerous industries and can fine-tune urethane chemistry to meet the requirements of most markets.

Notedome with both trade-moulding and formulation experience has 25 personnel, and operate from Coventry (UK) with a network of distributors on most continents and in mainland Europe

  • Notedome will react within days to new-type polyurethane formulation requirements
  • Notedome act very quickly to formulate, modify and prepare sample polyurethane batches
  • Notedome offer a rapid response to customer technical issues – by phone, chat-box, video link and/or e-mail (or in normal times, by technical-staff visit)

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