Manufacturers of polyurethane cast elastomer systems

Why Polyurethanes?

Polyurethane elastomers can be formulated to produce a diverse range of systems which, when cured offer a wide range of hardness, mechanical properties, chemical and environmental resistance. This diversity of design combined with flexible, low cost production methods give polyurethane elastomers a unique position in the market place.

Properties offered by Neuthane polyurethanes are as follows:


Neuthane prepolymers and systems are available from <10 Shore A to above 85 Shore D

Abrasion Resistance

One of the main advantages of polyurethane components is their excellent resistance to wear (both sliding and impact abrasion). This property is especially important in applications such as solid tyres, scraper blades, mining screens, pump liners and impellors etc.

Cut Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent cut resistance make them ideal for application areas such as belt scraper blades, mining screens, swarf skirts, concrete moulds, anvil rollers and fork truck wheels. Notedome offers system that not only maximise cut resistance but also maximise tear propagation resistance which has an additional benefit of increasing abrasion resistance.

Dynamic / Mechanical Performance

The load bearing properties of polyurethanes is excellent making them an ideally suited to high load application areas such as rollers in the steel industry, fork lift truck tyres press tools etc.

Oil and Chemical Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to fuel, oils, grease, and many solvents. This makes them especially suited to applications such as automotive (suspension bushes, engine mounts, hoses) steel and aluminium manufacture, coil / can coating and printing.


Neuthane prepolymers can formulated to offer a broad range of rebound resilience from almost zero to above 80%. This allows the customer to determine the degree of energy transfer required, especially important in suspension mounts and bump stops, and in the case of wheels (e.g. roller blades) to minimise the rolling resistance.

Environmental Resistance

Polyurethanes exhibit very good resistance to ozone and oxygen and general weathering. Resistance to water at ambient temperature is also very good.

High temperature, wet or humid applications will degrade ‘conventional' urethane but Notedome offer a range of speciality system which maximise the potential of polyurethanes in demanding application areas such as wringer rolls used in the steel industry

Electrical Properties

In general polyurethanes are considered to be non conductive, however Neuthane systems can be supplied to meet the requirements of antistatic application areas (e.g. rollers processing plastic films) or to meet the demands of application where true conductivity is required (e.g. certain printing processes, fork truck wheels used in paint / solvent stores).

Flex Resistance

Some application areas impose high demands on elastomers by repeated flexing of thin sections. Polyurethanes can be formulated to offer excellent flex resistance for use in application areas such as moulds in the ceramics industry.

Temperature Resistance

Polyurethanes can be chosen to operate at temperatures from below –30 o C to in excess of 120 o C.

Flame Retardancy

Notedome offers flame retardant systems and additives to allow their use in application areas such coal mining.

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