Manufacturers of polyurethane cast elastomer systems


The range of Neuthane polyurethane cast elastomers is diverse in both the chemistry of raw materials used to formulate the polymeric chains and also their suitability for different processing techniques.

By combining PPG polyether, PTMEG polyether, polyester, polycaprolactone or polycarbonate polyols with either aromatic or aliphatic isocyanates the number of combinations is huge. These building blocks give the experienced urethane chemists at Notedome the ability to meet the most demanding of applications.

The listing below summarises the range of systems offered:

TDI Systems
Neuthane 100 Series PTMEG
Neuthane 200 Series ESTER
Neuthane 300 Series PPG

Aliphatic Systems
Neuthane 500 Series

MDI Prepolymers
Neuthane 600 Series PTMEG
Neuthane 700 Series ESTER

MDI Quasi
Neuthane 801 Series PTMEG
Neuthane 802 Series ESTER
Neuthane 803 Series PPG

Rotational Cast
Neuthane 3100 Series PTMEG
Neuthane 3200 Series ESTER
Neuthane 3300 Series PPG

Neuthane S1 MDI/ESTER
Neuthane S2 MDI/ETHER

Continual research and development generates new systems on a frequent basis where customers find new applications for polyurethanes or where current systems must be modified to match certain processing or performance criteria. This is a key characteristic of Notedome’s customer focused approach.

A willingness to expand the range of Neuthane’s systems is made possible by a flexible manufacturing process that allows small to large-scale production with ease. This makes Notedome an ideal development partner for new applications.

Please click on the icon below for a summary of the Neuthane range of cast elastomers and the hardness that they cover.

Quick guide to product and hardness range

For a quick guide to the key performance characteristics of each range please click on the icon below.

Introduction Quick Guide

In addition to our Neuthane systems we also provide ancillary products for customers wishing to purchase all materials for cast elastomer manufacture from one supplier. These include:

  • Curing agents
  • Plasticisers
  • Pigments
  • Bonding agents
  • Antistatic and conductive additives
  • Abrasion improvers

Should any of the systems detailed be of interest please contact us for more detailed information.

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